With this present investment concept, we offer investors an attractive investment opportunity.

Investors have the opportunity to participate under best investment terms and prospects for high returns in the above-average development of the real estate market in the Munich surrounding region.


The investments will be made in high quality housing projects, preferably in the very popular south-eastern Munich surrounding region. The greater Munich area is one of the most important business locations in Europe. Inhabitants benefit coincidently from an outstanding infrastructure and a high recreational value.


The individual projects will be selected by the investment management in collaboration with a local real estate developer, who has long-standing experience and an extensive network of contacts in this sector.  Especially the access to appropriate, ripe for development plots is satisfactorily guaranteed.


The project company will initiate step by step distinct building projects which will be secured and carried out separately. The building projects will be single-family houses, semi-detached houses and smaller apartment houses, each time subject to the building environment and the construction law.


A project can be started with a relatively small amount of capital, as there are hardly any indirect costs and no reserves have to be built up. For this reason, the project company will invest almost directly and waiting periods due to the raising of necessary project equity capital until closure will be thus excluded.


Triple independent and controlling monitoring through the financing bank, the real estate developer and the investment management. The profit entitlements of the investors are privileged!


We offer investors a highly interesting and nonetheless security-oriented overall investment concept.



  • success-based advance payment of almost all initial costs and remunerations
  • therefore, high investment rate
  • immediate project start, no full placement necessary
  • triple controlling and monitoring
  • regular reporting on the investment status
  • high forecasting reliability
  • constantly calculable exit
  • the construction projects remain the property of the project or property company until they have been paid for entirely by a purchaser
  • investor administration and management of the loan register by FORTUM Treuhand GmbH
  • qualified subordinated loan
  • short term
  • 8.0 % p. a. fixed interest rate
  • six-monthly interest payment
  • income from capital assets




  • professional cooperation with locally established property developers and an excellent network
  • exclusive access to plots of land
  • fast decision-making on acquisition of favoured plots
  • excellent synergy benefits through perfectly balanced coordination of the individual construction projects
  • purchasing advantages through increased order volumes and optimal use of delivery and production conditions
  • manageable investment volumes
  • risk minimisation through self-contained sub-projects
  • triple protection in payment and invoicing traffic
  • implementation involving existing and proven business relationships with up to five banks
  • real estates are fully owned by the project or property companies until they are sold





  • project: Construction of residential units in the Munich Metropolitan Region
  • investment: Qualified subordinated loan to edira Projekt 8 GmbH & Co. KG
  • planned investment volume: EUR 600,000
  • fixed interest rate: 8.0 % per annum
  • term: until 31 October 2023
  • interest payment: six-monthly
  • refund: at maturity and dependent on the liquidity situation




Project is fully placed. Investment is no longer available